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Excellent light. Fantastic support
In full disclosure, the light I received exploded while charging. So, why am I still giving this five stars? A few reasons.

1. The light does what it says. The dual brightness is a great feature.
2. The responsiveness and support from the people at BYBLIGHT is second to none. They are so helpful.

Yes the light exploded while charging. However, the people at BYBLIGHT made it right by quickly sending me a new light. They also paid to have the bad light shipped back to their factory so that they can do quality testing to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Now for the rest:

There are two push buttons on the underside of the light. One is for the sensor that turns on the light in the appropriate level of darkness. The other is for the two brightness settings. As I understand it, one setting is 26 LEDs, while the other is 42 LEDs.

The light came with a sufficient charge to power the 26 LEDs all night long in the winter without an additional charge. My recommendation is to take the light into a dark space before putting it on your flagpole to ensure that you have it switched on and you like the brightness setting (26 or 42 LEDs).

In my case, 26 LEDs is sufficient in my area for the patriotic effect as required by US Flag Code. There is also more than enough power for the 26 LEDs to stay on all night long in the winter in Southern Arizona (roughly 14 hours).