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BYB UL Listed 3 Panels LED Under Cabinet Lighting, Warm White Dimmable Under Counter Lighting, Screw and 3M Sticker Options Included, Easy to Install with total of 12W, 3000K Warm White Closet Light
Price: $79.99
Sale: $29.99
  • UL Listed (File NO. E482953): BYBLIGHT Modular LED under cabinet lighting panel and Power Supply have been certified by UL to ensure & maximize the safety, add it to cart from our store, and say goodbye to all the no guarantee of security items on Amazon Marketplace.
  • Dimmable Control: Three different brightness settings, it provides you multiple lighting levels depending on how much you need, and also bright enough for your everyday tasks, whether chopping or just making coffee to icing a very detailed cake it will light up your work space plenty.
  • Easy to Set-up: Super simple to install and works well with the included mounting brackets and screws, also you can use the EXCLUSIVE 3M Tape instead of choosing the permanent way to fix it, convenient for decoration.
  • High Brightness: The advanced high quality under cabinet lighting unit consisting of 3 standard panels, total of 900 Lumens and each panel is 300lm can be used individual, CRI is over 80, which means the light is more vivid and natural.
  • Energy-Saving & Great Versatile: The power of each panel is equal to 8W fluorescent tube, which saves over 50% on energy cost. And its body is made of aircraft grade aluminum, which is lightest and effectively take the heat away from the LED and prolongs its lifespan. Meanwhile, the unit can be used in closet, cabinet, counters, kitchen, basement, jewelry display, etc.

Exclusive UL Certified Under Cabinet Lighting on Amazon Marketplace
Does the UL-listed provides you the sense of security? If that, BYB UL Listed LED Under Cabinet Lighting is your best choice!
Our modular LED under cabinet lighting panel and Power Supply have been certified by UL (E482953),
It allows our lights withstand the harshest condition and to keep working, so you do not worry about your item fail to work either!

Under Cabinet Light Kit Features
? Dimmer Switch
Three different lighting levels can be chose, which relies on how much light your need,
Advanced individual power adapter and switch are perfect for personality, depending on whether you would like to combine with, also bring you much convenience!

? Easy to Install
The installation is pretty simple with the supplied mounting brackets and screws,
But you can also fix it with our EXCLUSIVE 3M tapes, which is very flexible for your decoration.

? Multi-way to Connect the Panels
Either use the included modular connectors for shorter connections or use the provided connection cables (18.5 inches for each) to separate out the panels.

? High Brightness
The under cabinet lights are very cool and pretty bright, the brightest setting is brighter than the on ceiling light,
Also total of 900lm while each panel is 300 Lumens, which can be used by itself (for the space limitation)

? Energy Efficient
Each panel can replace 8W fluorescent tube, which saves over 50% on general electrical tube

? Advanced Thermal Conductivity
With the lamp body is made of qualified aircraft grade aluminum and a DC 12V working voltage,
It is touchable and has the high ability in taking the heat away from the LED, which prolongs the item’s lifespan!



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